About ThisHanaBee

Hey there!

I’m Hana, a plant-based foodie and work-in-progress Dietitian who usually resides in Southern California, but is currently hopping from one South American country to another.

But regardless of my ever-changing home base, my mission is the same: that peanut butter should never be wasted.

But in addition to spreading copious amounts of peanut butter on homemade toast, I also want to spread the message that we’re all capable of greatness — so long as we support, encourage, and are compassionate to one another.

I started this blog to share an aspect of my life that’s taught me a lot about encouragement, compassion, and what it means to be supportive: living a plant-based vegan lifestyle.

Here on this blog, you’ll find articles that talk anything from living a minimal-waste life, simple plant-based recipes, wellness tips, and nutritional highlights.

By sticking around and subscribing, you’re joining me in the movement to spread the message about how to live a life with compassion.

Whether you’re a newly sprouted vegan or you’ve been at this for a while, I hope that you’ll find a lot of life-applicable advice.

Why Plant-Based Vegan?

First of all, what does it mean to live a plant-based vegan life? It means that people who follow this lifestyle don’t consume animal products including beef, chicken, eggs, fish, dairy, and eggs.

But as I like to look at it, it’s not about cutting foods out — it’s really about all the foods we are adding into our lives that our bodies absolutely thrive on. These foods include beans, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, plant-based shmilks (as I like to call them), plant-based yogurts. And best of all, plant-based ice cream. 

I use the term plant-based vegan because I cover the aspects that are super important to me. 

Plant-based, meaning I consume as many whole foods as possible. This often means stuffing my meals with as many nutrient-dense foods as I can.

Vegan covers the ethical and environmental aspects of living this lifestyle. We must remember that we share this planet with non-human animals and we have a responsibility to respect them. The term vegan acknowledges that aspect nicely.

What Kind of Content Can I Expect on ThisHanaBee?

Basically all the things I am passionate about when it comes to living the most enriching plant-based vegan life possible.

These include things like…

  • Plant-based nutrition spotlights
  • Food waste management tips
  • Diet myths, busted
  • Mental health and wellness
  • Emotional health and food
  • Occasional appearances from Jelly Jam

If these sound like some topics you’re interested in, definitely stick around and I’ll catch you in the comments!