Day 9: Work on or Brainstorm a New Hobby

Day 9: Work on or Brainstorm a New Hobby

A Discovery Exercise

Hobbies — whether it be jigsaw puzzling, painting, or baking the perfect sourdough — are great for our mental health, physical health, and social health.

There are so many hobbies to pick up and your hobbies are most likely going to differ from your S.O., friends, and family because we’re all interested in different things.  Which, honestly, is the beauty of hobbies.


Well there are a couple reasons:

First, it gives you something to work on for yourself, and yourself alone. No bosses or friends or family to impress — it’s just you, the moment, and the fun of experimentation and learning.

Secondly, you can share hobbies! It’s a satisfying feeling when you share your passion with a friend or significant other and you can both enjoy it together.

The Goal

Life moves fast, and sometimes we forget to work on, or lose sight of what’s important to us. Hobbies are a great way to remind ourselves what we’re passionate about. Life can be so much more than work or other stressors — it’s also about having fun, learning, and growing.

So today’s goal is get back to that hobby that sparked creativity and joy in you. Or, if you don’t have a hobby yet, today’s the day to do a little research on the information you need to get started on your new hobby.

The 10 Reasons Why Hobbies are Great

Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

I’ve done some digging around and also did some self-reflection to compile a list of the 10 best reasons why hobbies are fantastic to integrate into your lifestlye.

1. Taking a Break to Have Well-Deserved Me-Time

We talked a lot about the benefits of having some me-time when it was our D.I.Y. Spa Day. So we don’t need to talk too much about this topic.

But just to brush over it lightly, having a hobby to get away from all the chaos and have a moment to breathe and be by yourself can be just the remedy you need to refresh and reset.

Hobbies can be an awesome way to keep you productive in a fun, rewarding way because you’re reminded of a different sense of purpose that’s special to you.

2. To Relax & Relieve Stress

Kind of similar to the point above, having a hobby can help you take a break from the regular stressors of life.

I used to work in a pretty stressful environment, and the last thing I wanted to do was go home and keep thinking about everything that went wrong during the work day, or what needed to get done tomorrow. That can create a seriously toxic mentality.

So to help you relax and get you engaged on the other aspects of life that you enjoy, pick up that hobby and let the stressors melt away. It could also help you come back to the stressor with a more positive, clear mind.

3. Helps in Discovering & Working on New Skills

It’s never too late to develop new skills and in fact, it’s exciting! I totally understand that learning something new can be intimidating for any of you perfectionists out there, like me.

But just like anything, the more you work at your new hobby, the better you’ll become at it, the more you’ll learn about the whole world of that hobby, and the more knowledge you’ll gain about this realm.

*Tip: If you have trouble comparing yourself to other people, or wishing you were at a certain level, think of it like this: this hobby is a new adventure full of new opportunities that you never would’ve known about unless you started working on it. No one is born a natural expert, so definitely cut yourself some slack and enjoy the process! 

4. Help You Build Good Habits

When you have a hobby to fall back on when you’re stressed or bored, you are building great habits by being productive in a healthy way — through your hobby.

It’s easy to fall back to destructive habits that don’t make us feel good in the end, but when you can turn to your hobby, you’re training yourself to shift your mindset in a moment of vulnerability, and turn to habits that make us feel good and rewarded in the end.

5. Assist in Finding a Purpose

When you have a sense of purpose, or maybe inn less dramatic terms, a personal goal, it can enrich your life so much. Hobbies can provide that personal goal you can work towards, creating a sense of purpose and meaning to your life.

It’s helpful to take a step back and remember that we can have other purposes in our life other than what we’re taught we should attach ourselves to — such as school or work.

6. Boosting Your Confidence

When you are able to really enjoy a hobby and start becoming good at it, that would naturally boost your self-esteem! Think about other areas in your life where you excel: does that boost your self-confidence when you think about how hard you worked to get there and become good at it?

It’s the same for a hobby! Take pride in how hard you worked and all your accomplishments.

7. Encourages Creativity & an Open Mind

When you start to learn about your hobby, you’re opened up to a whole world that presents a way of looking at situations and life in a different perspective. Not only that, but usually hobbies require us to be learners again, and so it can take us down an educational path that can open our mind to new ideas.

8. Hobbies Can Open You Up to New Communities

Hobbies are usually done at home, by ourselves. But when we start to become invested, it’s fun to look outside of our own walls and see who else is interested in your same hobby.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a new way of approaching your hobby, or even make some friendships where you can bond and connect over this awesome activity.

9. Having Something Fun to do When You're Bored

Boredom is such a real thing! And when we don’t have a hobby to fall back on when we’re bored, we can end up with this feeling of unsatisfaction. But when we have a hobby, we have something to look forward to, work on, and feel accomplished. 

Don’t get me wrong, Netflix is a great BFF during times of boredom, but for when you’re craving something more nourishing for the mind and soul, a hobby can fulfill that.

10. Hobbies Make Great Conversation Starters

What I’m basically saying here is that, if you feel yourself kind of stuck in a conversation not knowing how to stimulate it — like how I often find myself — talking about your hobby can be a great way to create conversation!

When you have something you’re excited about, like your hobby, that excited-ness can be infectious and you’ll always have something interesting to talk about with people!

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Some of My Favorite Hobbies

If you need some inspiration getting starting on choosing a hobby, here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Reading – Lately I’ve been more into nonfiction books that can teach me about a topic I’m interested in. I find it so rewarding to learn new information from reliable sources. I’ll throw in fiction still, but it’s been surprisingly fun to mix it up. Audible is a fantastic app because you can listen, learn, and maybe do some chores or go on a walk at the same time.
  2. Writing – Writing is an awesome hobby — whether you want to improve your writing skills, organize your thoughts, create stories, or use it as a tool for reflection, it can bring so much peace and clarity.
  3. Learning a new language – I’ve been learning Spanish for the past 8 or 9 months and it’s been a hard but an eye-opening experience. I’ve been making new friends, been learning about a new culture, and appreciating language as a whole more than ever. 
  4. Drawing – this is actually my challenge for the day. I am working on picking up drawing again because it’s fun! And I’m hoping it can spark creativity in a way that I haven’t experienced in a long time.
  5. Cooking – I wrote a blog post all about the wonderful benefits of cooking, you can read it here. In addition, if you need help getting started with cooking at home with almost no experience, you can check out this free course from Nutritiously here.*
  6. Learning about a topic – becoming somewhat of an expert in something is so powerful and confident-boosting. Is there a topic you’ve been wanting to learn more about? Make it your hobby to become fluent in that topic!
  7. Arts & Crafts – This is something I’d love to pick up. It doesn’t even have to be something super labor-intensive. Some things that I want to experiment with, for example, is repurposing old clothes by painting or ironing on patches, D.I.Y.-ing some furniture or house decor, and painting some simple art.
  8. Photography – I’ve been making it a goal — albeit it’s going slowly — to learn more about photography. I know, it’s kind of intimidating because it seems like everyone is a great photographer now. But having little challenges or prompts can help you with finding a style and learn about how your camera and how composition works.

*This is an affiliate link from and so I do get commission if you end up purchasing anything from the link. However, I wouldn’t condone any products or business without trying it myself and loving it. Any commission I get goes towards improving this website and putting out content!

Hobby Away!

Alright! Now that you have the tools, it’s time to start your hobby. What’s yours? Let me know down in the comments!

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