Day 7: Write Someone a Thank-You Note

Day 7: Write Someone a Thank-You Note

A Community Exercise

It’s one thing to say a quick “thank you” to someone. It’s a whole other, way more sentimental experience to spend a little bit of time to sit down and write a heartfelt thank you letter.

Take some time today to write at least one thank you letter to someone you’ve been meaning to express your gratitude towards. If you can write more than one, then definitely go for it.

I encourage you to also send it to that person — either digitally or physically. This is a totally underrated exercise that can be the key to making a relationship stronger.

The Goal of This Challenge

The goal of this day’s challenge is to remind yourself how much someone means to you, and also remind that person that you value them. Over time, we can start to take even our most cherished relationships for granted.

So it’s a great practice to tell that person once-in-a-while how much they mean to you. It’ll make you feel good for expressing gratitude for them, and it’ll make them feel good because they know you appreciate them.

The 4 Reasons Why It's Beneficial to Write a Thank-You Note

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We’re going to take a little inspiration from my friend Aaron of This Is Your Friend Podcast again.

He posted an Instagram post laying out the four scenarios that definitely warrant a heartfelt thank you. Let’s dive into those four reasons.

Reason 1: Thanking Someone for That Thing They Always Do

Aaron brings up that chores or little actions that a friend, significant other, or family member does for you that used to feel so special, may become unnoticed. Whatever that thing is, it can very easily become expected and lose its novelty.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not deserving of thanks any more.

Did someone wash the dishes for you? Your clothes? Cook dinner? Is there something that [for] the first time [they] did it, it felt special, but because they do it so often now it just feels normal? – @ThisIsYourFriendAaron

This is a great question to ask yourself when things are getting a bit too routine.

Let this person know that you’re grateful for what they do for you and that you don’t take their acts of kindness for granted.

Reason 2: Thanking Someone for Being Your Friend

Much like a habit that goes unnoticed and under-appreciated, friends that we have for a long time may never get that “thank you” that they deserve – @ThisIsYourFriendAaron

Relationships are a lot of work. Part of that work is to show gratitude towards that person who is supports you through thick and thin. Without any expressions of thankfulness, that person may start to feel like they’re undervalued.

Don’t risk losing that bond over a simple thank you — let them know that you truly treasure your relationship.

Reason 3: Thanking Someone for Their Critique

Oh, boy. This is one is calling me out. I don’t know about y’all, but when I get critiqued, I get super embarrassed because I want to be perfect. At everything.

It’s such a silly statement because there is always room for improvement and learning.

When it’s constructive, people mean well. And even if you don’t agree with the critique, it’s healthy to say thank you. And if the critique did actually help, it’s even more important to say it. – @ThisIsYourFriendAaron

The key is that they mean well. Constructive criticism only means that person wants to see you succeed.

So while it’s easy let our ego get the better of us and brush that critique to the side, realize that they’re not actually out to get you.

Reason 4: Thanking Someone for Waiting for You

I thought this was an interesting one because what comes to mind first is someone waiting for you because you were running late. James Clear, author of Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones, explains using a “thank you” as an effective way of easing any frustrations.

The problem with the sorry response still makes the situation about you — “Sorry I’m late.” Saying, “thank you for waiting,” turns the tables and acknowledges the sacrifice the other person made by waiting. – James Clear

I also think it’s also important to recognize the more long-term and abstract waiting. For example, I remember this one night last year where I had an anxiety attack in front of Brent. I wasn’t able to talk to explain what I was feeling, but he still waited by my side, coaxing me until I was calm enough to choke out some words.

I thanked him for waiting for me instead of getting frustrated. It was a way to let him know that that’s all he needed to do to make me feel better.

For the people who have stood by your side and didn’t give up on you when you were about to give up on yourself, thank them. Let them know that their support meant a lot through that difficult time.

Thanks for Reading!

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I hope these reasons inspired you to think of a person you’re thankful for. Maybe there are even a few people you’re thinking of. Put those thoughts down on paper and send it. I guarantee this gratitude exercise will result in nothing but great vibes.

And in theme with this post, thank you to all my readers. This blog is a passion of mine, and so I appreciate that you all are along for the ride.

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