Day 6: Cook a Dish You’ve Been Craving

Day 6: Cook a Dish You’ve Been Craving

A Self-Love Exercise

Working on your mental health isn’t always so serious. It’s important to remember to have a little fun too so we remember the joys in life!

We just had a couple days of some deep thinking and reflection, so now it is that day for some light-hearted time in the kitchen.

The Goal of Today's Challenge

Today’s challenge has two main goals: encouraging a new hobby and experimenting in a judgement-free zone.

Having a hobby to turn to when you're feeling stressed, frustrated, or anxious

Cooking is just one of many super fun activities that can help get your mind off of triggers. It’s one of my favorite activities because it often takes up a lot of your concentration, and you’ve accomplished a goal! It feels great to have completed something that was for yourself — or better yet, for sharing with other people.

Bonus tip: If you’re angry at someone or something, you can take it out on the eggs you whip or the dough you knead.

Allowing yourself a moment to experiment without judgement and fear of failure

We are constantly judged for what we do — at work, by our families, society, and from ourselves. And attached to that is the fear of failing.

Of course, there are ways we can overcome the burden of these judgements and release ourselves from the pressure to not fail, but that’s a topic for another day. Today’s challenge is to focus on just being able to take a break from all that noise.

No one is going to expect you to be perfect at the recipe you’ve been wanting to try. Or even if you do know how to cook or bake really well, this is the time to just be free and completely yourself without judgement in the kitchen.

Bottom line, cook for fun, for yourself, and without any expectations.

What's Gonna Be Cookin', Good Lookin'?

I used to bake a lot and so this challenge is definitely getting me excited to get back to my experimental days in the kitchen!

If you need some ideas on what to bake, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite dishes in this post. Again, don’t forget to have fun!

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