Day 17: Research a Topic You’ve Been Curious About

Day 17: Research a Topic You’ve Been Curious About

A Discovery Exercise

Just like the graphic says, we’re always learning in life. But what about diving deeper into some topic that you’re curious about? Sure, we may have clicked on a video here and a link there, but when was the last time you truly dedicated a good chunk of time to researching the depths of said topic?

The Goal of Today's Challenge

Today’s goal is to experience the joy and accomplishment of researching something on your own. It’s truly an empowering feeling to gain solid knowledge about something you’re passionate about.

Hopefully after today, you’ll have a newfound confidence in your capabilities for knowledge.

Life is About Learning

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We’re always learning. And when we think we’ve hit a peak, we soon learn something else that will make us realize we’re far from ending our learning journey.

The process of learning is mentally tasking. And sometimes we look back on our lives and wish we had done things differently with the knowledge we have now. But the process is really a beautiful one. We keep growing and we can only push forward with the knowledge we obtain to become better versions of ourselves.

But How Can I Learn Outside of School?

This is actually something I struggled with. I thought I was solid in my knowledge because I received good grades and attended a California University. But to be honest, that was just the beginning of my journey.

After graduating, I realized that learning beyond school curriculum all comes down to taking advantage of the wide variety of resources that are out there that weren’t shown to us in school. 

I’ve learned a lot about how to learn that I want to share in case you’re going through the struggle of not knowing how to begin expanding your knowledge.

How to Further Your Knowledge

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Have a Baby's Approach to Learning

The most important first step to learning about topics is to have a baby’s approach to learning. What does this mean exactly?

When you watch a baby grow up into a toddler, they aren’t afraid of “failing.” They relentlessly try different tactics until they succeed, exploring every option they have. They’re always curious and open-minded. This helps them learn incredibly fast.

To being learning, we must approach topics with an open and curious mind as well. Ask yourself questions, and then go seek the answer to those questions. Perhaps even apply these lessons to your life, if that’s applicable and useful.

Sign Up for Online Classes

The great thing about living in this time is that there are thousands of online learning platforms. Whether that be signing up for more casual classes like Skillshare or Linkedin Learning, knowledge-building courses built by universities, or even more intensive programs that result in certifications.

Podcasts & Audiobooks

Podcasts are a great way to seek out information for no cost. Now-a-days, everyone and their mom (and their mom) has a podcast and so you’ll no doubt find one that fits in with what you’re interested in. Great apps to use for podcasts are ones like iTunes Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify.

Audiobooks is another great way to seek out information because of how in-depth you can get into a topic. The app that I use is Audible.

And the best thing about both of these options is that you can just hit play in your car or on your headphones and listen to them anywhere.

Becoming a Teacher with Your Knowledge

Being a “teacher” to your loved ones or just anyone who will listen is a great way to put your knowledge into practice. Explaining concepts and ideas out loud really allows you reach that next level because you have to truly understand a topic to explain it.

My Journey with Learning

My journey actually only recently started — just a few years ago after I graduated college, actually.

I didn’t know about podcasts. I knew about Audiobooks but the one time I tried it, I fell asleep and so I (falsely) thought they weren’t useful for me. I didn’t know that any learning platforms existed on the internet besides school.

And I know this sounds very naive and I won’t deny that it is naive — I didn’t take advantage of these platforms that I now know of. But as I mentioned, life is all about learning and it’s never too late to start.

My mental health is also a lot healthier and so there is more room to absorb knowledge about things I’m passionate about such as nutrition, yoga, the world, humankind, baking, and harnessing my creativity through various mediums.

What Are You Learning About?

What topic are you going to dive deep into today? How are you going about it? Let me know in the comments!

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