Day 16: Unfollow on Social media

Day 16: Unfollow on Social media

A Clarity Exercise

It happens all the time: we’re scrolling through our favorite social media feed and see a photo that suddenly peaks our attention. We think, “There she is, living her best life yet again in another crystal-blue exotic ocean. ” or maybe, “wow another amazing creative piece of art produced by him. How is he cranking these out and each one so impeccably executed?”

But let me ask you: if this person is making you doubt yourself, why are you following them? And, ahem, not to be too dramatic here, but really a similar question we could be asking is, why are you torturing yourself?

The Goal

Today’s goal is to clean out your social media feed of any account that gives you anxiety, that makes you feel that you’re not good enough, and even FOMO — as in the kind of FOMO that makes you constantly compare your life to theirs.

It’s time to take control of your feed again and only allow accounts that provide you with inspiration, encouragement, and positivity.

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