Day 10: De-Clutter for 30 Min.

Day 10: De-Clutter for 30 Min.

A Clarity Exercise

Whether you’re a minimalist or simply want some more organization in your life, decluttering is a fantastic way to cure a place of its messiness. I’ve always felt like having a messy space affects my mental clarity — and it turns out there’s some science behind that!

The Goal

Today’s goal is to take a step towards an organized life, and therefore, some more mental clarity. Now, I know I might sound like your mom right now, but there are actually fantastic benefits to organizing your spaces. Let’s get into that.

The Mental Health Benefits of Decluttering

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Mental Clarity

This is the benefit we’re starting out with first because that is the whole goal of this challenge for this purpose. Seems like Marie Kondo was actually on to something with her signature phrase “sparks joy.”

A messy room can cause stress — imagine a big pile of dishes in the sink, your clothes are all over your bed, papers are scattered around you room. Does that get your heart racing like mine? It’s difficult to think properly or be productive when you’re consumed with what you see around you — AKA a big pile of mess that is nagging at your conscious.

“I do think that we are hardwired as humans to look for patterns in our environment and to find comfort in predictable patterns and occurances.” – Brenna Renn, Ph.D. and a professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Washington said in an article.

She continued and said, “That may be the underpinning of where this interest in decluttering is coming from. If we can make our home environments these predictable environments, it might support our mental health.

Creating an Orderly Home & Harmonious Mind

Our homes are sacred places — and how you treat it can affect the attitudes and ideas you bring to the outside world.

Once you can create a habit of creating order and organization, or how Debora Robertson, author of Declutter puts it in this article, “creating an oasis of calm in an otherwise chaotic world… you’ll find the feel-good factor kicks in pretty quick.”

And as mentioned above, you might start to find yourself bringing the ideologies you’ve put in place at home, to other aspects in your life.

“A fresh look at a more realistic and shorter ‘to-do’ list contributes to a more serene way of being — and you can extend the same decluttering methods to all spheres.” – Ruby Deevoy, Calm Moment article.

The Proof is in the Science

There are a few studies on decluttering and the mental benefits, but we’ll focus on one 2011 study.

Some researchers at Princeton found that clutter affects people’s ability to concentrate because the mess actually competes for your attention. This was shown to increase stress and decrease performance in tasks that required attention, compared to a group that didn’t have clutter in their peripherals.

Bonus Benefit: Less Waste

So what do you do after you’ve decluttered and have all this stuff on your hands?

Easy! Take it to your local donation center. This way, we can help out the environment and people in need by recycling the things we’ve accumulated over time.

If your local donation center(s) can’t accept your donations due to regulations, hit up the web to find recycling options in your area for non-reusable items.

What Will You Declutter Today?

Let me know in the comments what you plan on decluttering today!

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