How to AVOID Getting Sick from Produce While Traveling

How to AVOID Getting Sick from Produce While Traveling

Brent and I have been living in Mexico for two months now and something we were really concerned about before coming was how to handle the water situation. Because as you may — or may not — know, tap water can’t be trusted here.

Since we planned on living here for quite some time, it meant we had to plan on cooking a lot at our Airbnbs. Since the water isn’t safe to drink, it’s not the best idea to wash your produce with.

We actually didn’t think twice about washing our produce with tap water, even though we were being careful about it in other ways — drinking and brushing our teeth. That is, until Brent got a stomach bug. And that could’ve happened because of anything, like the ah-mazing street elote. But just to stay safe, we read up on how to avoid anymore mishaps.

So as I just mentioned, washing your produce with tap water isn’t always the safest, because, while it’ll get rid of dirt, it won’t get rid of all the bacteria.

Which is why you should consider getting an antimicrobial solution, like Microdyn. Alright — let’s get into this how-to!

What is Microdyn?

Microdyn is an antimicrobial solution, which is just a fancy word for a liquid that kills most bacteria. The active ingredient that performs this little magic trick is iodine. It doesn’t leave any taste, odors, or stains, so it’s perfectly fine to use in your water, food, and kitchen utensils. 

Where Do You Find Microdyn?

Pretty much anywhere. I got my travel-sized one from a local 7-11. Most grocery stores or convenience stores will also have Microdyn near the produce. You might see it as Bacdyn or the grocery store brand As long as it has it has iodine, you’re good to go. 

You could use some other effective methods, but if you’re traveling quite a bit, this is a super convenient and inexpensive way to clean your water and produce.

How To Use Microdyn

Click on the video below if you prefer a visual how-to!

Step-By-Step Microdyn Use

  1. Gather your produce and wash any dirt off of them using tap water.
  2. Grab a bow that’s big enough to fit every piece of produce.
  3. Fill up the bowl with the produce and then completely submerge all of them with tap water.
  4. Look on the back of the Microdyn to see how many drops you should use per liter. Usually, it’ll be 8 drops in 1 liter of water for produce. Note: I have a travel-sized bottle, which means I have to use less. If you get a big bottle, they’re less concentrated so you have to use something like 1/2 a cup.
  5. Wait for the set amount of time listed on the back — usually about 10 minutes.
  6. Dump out the water and violá! That’s it! Everything is safe to eat.

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