18 (Normal) Successful People Reveal Their Morning Routines

18 (Normal) Successful People Reveal Their Morning Routines

I took a hard look at my sad bank account. Sigh. I need to Tim-Ferris my morning routine and then I’ll finally make it big.

Morning routines have become something sacred and appealing. You see it everywhere — articles titled “Early Morning Routines Used By Highly Successful People”, YouTube videos of people explaining why they wake up at 4:30 am every day, etc.

In fact, the term “morning routine” hit an all-time high on Google Trends as of January 2019 — and it’s been growing since.

But are morning routines really all that important? On one hand, accomplishing something positive for yourself first thing in the morning is non-arguably a fantastic feeling.

I find that stretching while listening to a podcast leaves me feeling relaxed before I dive headfirst into the chaos of civilization. And even though it’s really difficult, the days I wake up at 5:00 am are peaceful and I always think I should do it more often (until my alarm goes off the next morning).

But on the other-hand, maybe we’re putting too much pressure on what we do in the morning. It’s almost become a game of who can wake up the earliest, who can fit in more raw juice shots, or who can reach enlightenment the fastest. What about all the night owls out there, like Mr. Obama — should they just give up (anyone else smirk at that?)

I decided to reach out to some fellow entrepreneurs, artists, and students of various niches to what their morning routines, expecting one of two outcomes:

  1. I should really get my act together and start a morning routine to get myself centered and prepare me for success.
  2. Maybe what I’m doing is OK and I will still be able to succeed in life.

Digital Marketing & Design

Name: Brittney Au | Profession: Art Director, Designer & Part-Time Content Creator | Niche: Lifestyle, Fashion & Travel | Handle: @brittiepoo | Website

On my work-from-home days, I hit the snooze button a few times and just cuddle with my dogs for 5 minutes before actually getting up.

Once I’m up, I get ready and change into workout clothes — it motivates me to workout later after I finish my work. I’ll make the bed — it kickstarts my productivity for the rest of the day — feed my dogs breakfast and water, get myself a glass of water, and then get right on my laptop to start checking my emails.

I use a planner to write down all the tasks I have to complete that day, with boxes next to them that I love checking off — it’s the best feeling. A to-do list really helps me stay focused and on-track, especially when there’s a lot to do.

There’s something about actually writing down what you have to do that is quite calming and it helps me be less anxious.

From there, it’s just about diving into the work. Most of the time, I turn on my favorite Netflix show just to have something on in the background as I work.

Name: Nica Yusay | Profession: Social Media Strategist, Editorial Strategist & Part-Time Content Creator| Niche: Fashion | IG Handle: @xofashionica | YouTube: FashioNica

My typical morning starts with hearing my alarm go off. Before leaving my bed, I always make sure to give my boyfriend words of affirmation (and vice versa if he gets up before me).

I make sure I don’t look at my emails as I’ll become overwhelmed.

Then I begin my bathroom and makeup routine. At 7:45 am, my boyfriend and I commute to work together — he works 5 minutes away from my office.

It’s a great way to start the morning as we get to dodge traffic by carpooling and listening to tunes to mentally prepare for the day.


Name: Kahlea Nicole | Profession: Business Coaching | Niche: Lifestyle | IG Handle: @kahleanicolee

Every morning I wake up between 6:30 am – 7:00 am and do my best to hop out of bed on my first alarm (doesn’t always happen, but at least I try, ha!). Once I’m up, I throw my hair in a ponytail and get my workout clothes on to head out to the gym. I usually do a 45-60 minute workout and then head back home to make breakfast.

I love making breakfast every morning — it’s therapeutic for me in a way.

​As I cook and eat, I do my morning devotional and read the Bible. Afterwards I take a shower, then start to get into my actual work day!

Name: Taylor Nguyen | Profession: Freelance Photographer | Niche: Music, Fashion & Lifestyle Photography | Handle: @thetaylornguyen | Website

Since I’m a freelancer and I don’t work for anyone besides myself, my mornings vary.

Some days I need to get up early for a shoot, and some other days, I’ll be sleeping until 11 AM – 12 PM

But the first thing that I do is check my social medias since my job revolves around it. Then I just make a mental list of what needs to be done for the day. After that, I muster up the strength to get out of bed and do the usual: brush my teeth, all the hygienic stuff.

I try to make my mornings as less stressful as possible — gotta start the day off right!

Name: Ivy Soukaphay​ | Profession: Entrepreneur, Designer, and Student | Niche: Fashion | IG Handle: @luxybyivy | Website

My mornings normally start at around 8:00 am. I wake up, freshen up, and make myself a cup of jasmine green tea.

While having my morning tea, I love sitting by my window and listening to audiobooks or inspirational podcasts while planning my day. After giving myself at least an hour in the morning, I get to work.

I check emails, messages, rush to meetings, etc. Alongside trying to grow my own brand, I’m also a full-time business student. I spend the first half of my day working on Luxe by Ivy and the other half dedicated to my schoolwork.

Name: Truong Kim | Profession: Entrepreneur, Owner of @theberrybrand and @milkboxbar | Niche: Food | IG Handle: @ologic

My morning is pretty simple, but also random at times. I never set the alarm, unless there’s something pressing I have to do in the morning. I allow my body to naturally wake me up — usually that’s 6 am to 7am.  I get right into brushing my teeth and hop into the shower.

Most successful people give themselves time before they reach for the phone. But I have this habit of reaching for the phone to see if there’s anything on fire.

I’m currently part of many businesses, so there are certain things I need to check on before I continue my day.

Around this time, I drink two cups of water and then hop on the laptop to do work for about two hours. Then finally wrap up my early morning by doing my bed and getting ready for the day. 

People say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But they forget that breakfast is simply breaking your fast. So really, my breakfast is around most people’s lunch time.

Then comes coffee — lately it’s been Starbucks’s 3 shots of decaf coffee with 1.5 pumps of white mocha. It’s my Vietnamese iced coffee hack, without all the caffeine! I love coffee, but don’t need all the caffeine. In case you’re wondering, decaf has as much caffeine as tea. And that’s pretty much how it goes!

Name: Lexi Garcia | Profession: Co-Founder of Dreamy Branding, Part-Time Model | Niche: Online Marketing & Fashion | IG Handle: @lexigarcia96 | Website

I start most of my mornings at 6:50 am.

 I hit the snooze button for 10 minutes and use that time to catch up on any urgent messages or emails on my phone.

Once those 10 minutes are up, I get up to make myself breakfast of scrambled egg whites and spinach (for the gainz and brainz). Once I’ve scarfed that down, I drink 32 oz of water and get ready for my 9-5 as quickly as I can.

After that I get in my car and make the hour commute to the office and get myself pumped for my day by listening to some sick jams.

Content Creators | Food

Name: Soy Nguyen | Profession: Content Creator | Niche: Food | Handle: @foodwithsoy | YouTube: Soy // Food With Soy

I’m not really a routine person.

What works for me is getting up and getting right into the day! But I wake up with the purpose of known it’s great that I have the ability to do whatever I want that day.

It’s less stressful for me than having to knock of tasks on a list because I don’t ever want to feel stuck.

For example, if I wake up and want to fly to Japan, I have the ability, haha!

Name: Alyssa Wang | Profession: Content Creator | Niche: Food & Travel | IG Handle: @feedmeimei | YouTube: Feed Mei Mei

It’s hard for me to describe a typical morning since my life has been crazy for the past couple of months. But here’s what it was like when it wasn’t so crazy: 

On a typical morning, I wake up around 9 or 10 am, and lay in bed while replying to comments and DMs.

Then I hang out with my mom — we usually go eat, go for a walk, or both!

Content Creators | Mental Health

Name: Kait Miller | Profession: Content Creator | Niche: Mental Health & Lifestyle | IG Handle: @kaitgmiller Website

I typically start my morning with a glass of water and then try to get to the gym. I’m usually not hungry before my AM workouts (this used to not be the case), so I’ll eat a piece of fruit or something to get me through the workout. Afterwards, I get home, eat breakfast, shower, and make tea/coffee. I’ll do a 10 minute clean-up of the house and feed our two pups.

This is pretty much how every morning goes, but the order may change.

I used to workout at night, but found I had so much more energy when I work out in the morning and rarely drink full caffeine anymore.

And it’s weird, because I used to not be able to function without it!

Name: Katja Rose | Profession: Speech Language Pathology | Niche: Fitness & Mental Health | IG Handle: @katjarose__ | Website

My routine is pretty rushed.

I wake up at 6 am to get dressed and put makeup on. My dog waits at the bathroom door until I’m ready — then I feed him and take him on a short walk.

Walking him helps me wake up and start the day in a good mood.

Then I make coffee and start off on my 45 minute-drive to class!

Name: Lauren Taylor | Profession: Podcast Host & Author | Niche: Mental Health & Motivation | IG Handle: @laurenwtaylor | YouTube: Lauren Taylor | Podcast: Live With LaurenBlog

Morning routines are my all-time favorite!

Routines these days look like, shaking my booty to my “you-go-girl” playlist, writing my book, Hallow Haven, or snuggling my dog, Finley — he’s a professional!

The sweetest mornings: prayer, shower concerts, comfy outfits, and making waffles. Whatever’s good for my soul, I do more of that thing and being grateful where I am and excited about where I am going!

Content Creators | Fashion

Name: Ashley Yi | Profession: Content Creator | Niche: Fashion & Food | IGHandle: @ashyi

Ideally I’d like to be up at 8:00 – 8:30 am. I brush my teeth, wash my face, do my skin care routine and all that. Then I take my pup on a 15-minute walk.

Then I light my favorite candle and do 25-30 minutes of yoga and light exercise.

Afterwards, I go into the office (if I have to that day), or just stay in my living room and work.

Name: Danica Jane | Profession: Content Creator | Niche: Fashion & Mental Health | IG Handle: @nica.lina | Website

As of right now, my mornings have been pretty weird because I’m 13 or 14 hours ahead of LA.

I like to wake up around 4 or 5 so that I can communicate with everyone else at a decent time and get some work emails in before I start my day.

I have instant coffee (3 or 4 bags because they literally have no caffeine) and then I’ll go to church with my grandpa at 6:30! That’s pretty much how my mornings have been the last few weeks I’ve been in the Philippines.

Name: Kimberly Anne | Profession: Content Creator | Niche: Fashion & Lifestyle | IG Handle: @stoplookandstyle | Website

I start my day by waking up at 7 am. I do some stretching and drink a whole glass of water, which is already on my bed the night before.

I turn on a podcast or audible — mainly about self-help or productivity

While I listen to that, I make my bed, wash my face, and ice roll if my face is poofy, take my dog out, then make breakfast. I get ready for the gym — I typically do hot yoga or spin. Then I go home, take a shower, then head to the coffee shop nearby to get my work done.

Name: Jen Dao | Profession: Content Creator | Niche: Petite Lifestyle & Fashion | IG Handle: @jenhdao | Blog

Typically I wake up before my alarm at 7 am, get ready in 15 minutes, have breakfast, and pack my gear for the gym.

Around 8 am – 9 am it’s hard, physical, but liberating therapy for me. I’m typically lifting heavy weights for a straight hour while working on filming some content at the same time.

By 10 am, I walk the dog, start the laundry, clean up the house, and run any errands I need for the day (i.e. bank, grocery, etc). Finally by noon, I’m in the office working on all my social media campaigns for the rest of the day!

Content Creator | Lifestyle

Name: Christine Hsu | Profession: Content Creator & Entrepreneur | Niche: Lifestyle & Travel | IG Handle: @kkarmalove | Website

My mornings are quite simple.

I usually get up and make my bed so I start off the day by completing a small, simple task.

Then I usually drink a warm glass of lemon water and some cold brew. Afterwards, I’ll check my emails while walking my dog, Ducky! And go to the gym.

Name: Hieu Cao | Profession: Content Creator | Niche: Lifestyle | IG Handle: @hieucow

I don’t really have a morning routine, but I wish I did. However, I do wake up and look at the sky every morning to try to get a general gauge of how I feel.

Also I try to take in the beauty of the new day. I try to think about things that I’m grateful for and tell myself it will be a good day.

After that, my morning can go in any direction. I’ll either start doing my emails, go exercise, make breakfast, read a book, lay around to think, see a friend, do some cleaning — who knows?

Final Thoughts

I think we can all learn from this that there is no correct routine. We all just have to find what works for us, our intentions, and schedules.

So, I think I feel great about keeping my simple morning routine of stretching and having a little moment to myself to start the day because it works for me and puts me in the right headspace.

Though there might be this trend of highly successful people with daily, sacred morning routines, it doesn’t mean that’ll work for us. There are plenty of anomalies — most of us are just normally successful people that don’t have to run multi-billion-dollar companies, anyways.

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